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What to wear, to what Event

This is a guideline and explanation of Dress Codes, which you may see posted on invitations and announcements to Public and Private Special Events.

White Tie

The most formal category of dressing.

For the Gentlemen

  • a black tailcoat with matching trousers trimmed by a ribbon of braid or satin on the outside of each trouser leg,

  • a white pique tie,

  • white pique single or double-breasted vest,

  • a wing-collar shirt with a stiff pique front, and

  • White gloves.

For the Ladies

  • A ball gown, which is an evening dress with a full skirt, possibly with open back., and Elbow-length gloves.

Black Tie

For the Gentlemen

  • A black tuxedo coat, trousers trimmed with satin ribbon along the outside of the leg, Cummerbund and bow tie. The phrase "black tie" does not refer to the color of the tie. In fact, colorfulties with matching cummerbunds are very popular.

For the Ladies

  • A ball gown.

Black Tie Optional

For the Gentlemen

  • Same as Black Tie, except Gentlemen have the option of wearing a regular suit with a tie (bow tie preferred),

Fort the Ladies

  • a cocktail gown or dinner dress, or Long to full-length skirts.


For the Gentlemen

  • suit and tie (a sport coat is often acceptable).

For the Ladies

  • a cocktail dress or evening dress.


For the Gentlemen

  • dress slacks with a dress shirt and tie, jacket is optional.

  • Other options include a vest or sweater that shows the tie.

  • At the lower end of formality these events can be attended without a tie, e.g. with a turtleneck andjacket.

For the Ladies

  • evening dress or dinner dress, but other chic outfits are also acceptable, like flowing pants, etc.

Dressy Casual

For the Gentlemen

  • trousers and a sport coat,

For the Ladies

  • a dressy pants look.

  • Jeans, shorts, T-shirts and other casual looks are NOT appropriate for Dressy Casual Events.


  • anything goes, jeans included.