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 About LBDC

The London Ballroom Dance Club Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that exists solely to provide its members with an environment to practise a common interest.

By trade we may be teachers, engineers, bank employees, machinists, sales representatives, property managers, etc. We all share a common desire to "dance the night away".

The Club's objective are:

  • to create a welcoming environment that fosters International Style Ballroom Dancing.

  • To promote ballroom dancing we offer workshops, lessons, dances and practices for our Members to improve their dancing skills.

Some people have asked about the lessons the club teaches and we thought this is something that we should mention to everyone. When we sent out the re-inventing the club survey, we found that people wanted the club to be updated in how the lessons are taught. People wanted the lessons to be less about the quantity of steps taught but instead about the quality of how those steps are taught and done. People wanted to try something different than the usual model of group lessons that is taught almost everywhere, and we are trying to do what people have asked. We are advertising the lessons but we have never really told anyone how we changed the lessons to meet what people have been asking for. I have described below what we are trying to accomplish. It is more along the line of the European model of teaching.

The lessons are taught where people get a lot of individual help within the group. It is a faster way of learning and there is far less chance of falling behind. The common way group lessons are taught is you learn a lot of steps and you have to keep up or you just keep getting further behind. A few weeks after the class is over everyone forgets the steps and you come out with nothing. We focus on everyone coming out with more than just a bunch of steps. If your single we show you tips and tricks for you to be able to dance with different men or, for men, different women. If you come as a couple, we will help you to learn how to work together as a team to make dancing easier. We teach routines that are doable and let you get around the dance floor. No super fancy steps that you won't be able to do or even use and you won't even look good doing anyways. If anyone does want those, we don't mind doing them in workshops, just ask.
We teach all levels at the club. Our Level 1 is for complete beginners or people that have very little experience. Level 2 is for people that have danced before so have a bit more experience or are just rusty and getting back into dancing. Level 3 is for people who are more advanced and want to work on their lead and follow and take on new challenges. In all levels the woman learns more than just to wait for the man to push her into a step but to become an active part of the couple. We also allow you to move up or down in the levels in case you feel that you have taken on too much or maybe you feel you want to do more. Nobody is locked in.
Our group lessons are like having semi-private lessons as we go around to each couple throughout the lesson to help them out. It takes a lot more time and work for the instructors but we really care about the students and will try and go over and above for everyone to help them progress. We have practice time for a half hour after the lesson so you can try out what you learned and can ask questions or get more help. Each person also gets two, half-hour private lessons included as part of your group lesson. You can work on what you have done in the class or if you have questions or need help with moves you already know, you can do that too. The pace you go at and how much you want to learn is up to you. Not every couple wants the same or even learns the same way and we recognize this and try and work the lessons and routine to what works for you. We teach a routine that is made to get you out on the dance floor and have fun. We want the students to be able to laugh with each other, help each other out, and make new friends.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
The Executive London Ballroom Dance