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Professional Dance Instruction

The London Ballroom is unique compared to most other clubs in the skill level of the dance instructors and our focusing on teaching quality of dancing rather than quantity of dancing. It is a far faster way of becoming better without being overwhelmed. We have found that teaching too many steps at a time leads to the students forgetting most of what they learned and never really doing well. We care about the progress of each and every person with each couple being taught in a way that works for them. In the end you get far more for your buck. We certainly don't expect you to compete but we will teach you to be accomplished. Even if you do other dance styles what you learn will carry over into those styles too. Along with learning the different dances we emphasize on how to Lead and Follow, use Floor craft to be able to successfully dance around the dance floor and teaching the couple to work as a partnership.

The London Ballroom Dance Club Inc. offers three levels of classes to its members. The club teaches the International Style of ballroom dancing.
Over one year, the participants will cover both Standard and Latin style dances.

Lesson Format: 
Besides the seven, one-hour lessons per session, there is also a half hour practice afterward. The fee also includes two, 1/2-hour private lessons per couple to help you go over any problems you may be having. We try and tailor the lessons so each couple is taught how they learn best. In the class we keep going around to each couple to give individual help and to answer any questions. We don't want anyone to feel they are falling behind or cannot accomplish the steps.

Level 1 will be taught by Cathie Penalagan and Paul Brown

This class is intended for people who have never taken International dance lessons, or those with little dance experience. You will have enough dancing skills (up to Pre-Bronze level) and will be able to go to any ballroom dance and have fun.

Level 2 will be taught by Cathie Penalagan and Paul Brown

This class is intended for people advancing from Level 1, or those who already have some experience. You will improve the steps you already know, learn new steps, and improve your partnering skills.

Level 3 will be taught by Paul Brown and Cathie Penalagan

This class is intended for people advancing from Level 2 or are ready for more than Level 2. You will improve your steps, learn new steps, and work on technique to further your dancing and partnering skills.

Line Dance will given as a workshop. 

This is a fun class that includes technique along with the steps..